Friday, June 13, 2008

Chalk The Mall

This past weekend me and a few of my friends braved the heat and participate in an event called Chalk The Mall. All ages were welcome and it doesn't matter what skill level you have. You bring yourself and a good attitude to have fun!
Everyone gets some free chalk from the art supply studio/store on the strip and then chooses a master work (Devinci, Picasso, Degas, etc.) and reproduces it on a 3x5 or larger sidewalk square.
Anyway, we had about a 30 person turnout doing chalk, but hundreds of people working in shopping complex and by-passers joined in too.

Here is some of the chalk works in progress.

The Vintier's Cellar, was offering free wine tasting for the older participants and cup, cookies, and bubbles for the younger ones.
I thought that was really generous of them.

My friend, Mary Beth's piece (top) and my other friend, Erin's chalk work (bottom).

and then last but not least, mine.
Next time you should come too, we hope to grow bigger every year.
But if your not in the local area join in on the fun by buying some sidewalk chalk and pastels then make your driveway a master piece!

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