Tuesday, August 12, 2008


In the past months I've neglected blogging.
I went on vacation. Then I went to an art camp, and, well I've just been putting it off.
Trust me, keeping up a blog is harder then it looks.
So I'm back and ready to give it another go!
Didn't really matter that I left because its not like anybody reads my pitiful blog
but that's all going to change now that I'm back!
Anyway to celebrate my return I thought I'd share these amazing charm bracelets with you!

These unique bracelets can be found on http://www.so-charmed.com/
There are so many more amazing charms bracelets I didn't post so you have to check out the site.
PLUS! Charm bracelets aren't the only thing they SoCharmed specializes in. There are bunches of other extraordinary jewelry pieces.

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